AVID Curriculum

  • AVID is an elective class where students are usually with the same group of students throughout their high school career.  The lessons focus on writing, note-taking reading and writing strategies, inquiry, collaboration, and how to interact with peers.  Inquiry and tutorial sessions with trained tutors/mentors.  AVID utilizes college and career readiness, awareness, exploration and building the inspirations of students.  Students have discretion to access and practice these learned proficient skills in more challenging courses, such as honors and Advanced Placement classes.  In addition to steering students toward a rigorous academic curriculum, the AVID curriculum focuses heavily on college readiness. 

    AVID Framework definitions



    AVID Tutors

    AVID tutors guide students toward academic and personal excellence that will reach far beyond their secondary school years.  AVID tutors will be active participants in the learning, growth, and personal development of students with the goal of preparing students to successfully attend college.  AVID tutors are trained and certified in the us of AVID strategies to enhance academic performance of students and serve as role models and mentors.  See department contact, Catrina Smith, AVID Tutor Supervisor regarding employment opportunities.

Last Modified on August 18, 2020