CCSD Title I

  • Title I, Part A provides resources to schools and districts to ensure that all children have a fair, equitable, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and close educational achievement gaps.

    Title I, Part A is intended to support LEAs in:

    • Improving teaching by promoting effective instruction for at-risk children and for enriched and accelerated programs;
    • Expanding eligibility of schools for schoolwide programs that serve all children;
    • Encouraging school-based improvement planning;
    • Establishing accountability based on results;
    • Promoting meaningful parent and family engagement;
    • Coordinating with health and social services agencies;
    • Focusing resources on the schools with the highest percentage of students living in poverty.

    Title I Information

    How does my school qualify for Title I funds?

    Schools must be identified by the district based on the precentage of free and reduced lunch eligable students. 

    How do I know if my child is receiving Title I services?

    Parents need to contact their child’s teacher for specific information regarding individual student program services.

    If my child changes schools, will my child continue to receive Title I services?

    Only students at eligible Title I schools have access to services. Each school determines the criteria for identifying and providing services to students.

    How does a school determine their use of Title I funds to design the school’s program?

    Each school has a team made up of administrators, staff, and parents.  This team determines program needs based on data from state and district testing.  Programs are required to align with the school’s Unified Improvement Plan (UIP).

    How does the District monitor and support the Title I programs at the schools?

    The District Title I Staff supports the schools throughout the year.  The purpose of this support is to provide program mentoring, technical assistance, and effective instructional delivery to ensure compliance with Title I regulations.

    How do I find out about Title I at my school?

    Every Title I school is required to have an Annual Meeting to explain the school’s Title I budget and school grade. Parents can also contact the school for information regarding Title I.

    How can I be involved in decisions regarding the Title I program?

    Every school has funds allocated for family engagement activities. By participating in these activities a parent can become more involved in the school’s educational goals and the educational outcomes for their child. We strongly encourage active Family Engagment!

  • Leslie Navarro-Walker
    District Homeless Liaison
    Community and Family Connections Coordinator
    Referral Line: 303-681-4513

    Catrina Smith
    McKinney-Vento Student Support Specialist
    Referral Line: 303-656-8888

    Title I District Office

    5416 S. Riviera Way, Centennial, CO 80015

    Phone: 720-554-5081
    Fax: 720-554-5086

Last Modified on May 9, 2022