Office of Performance Improvement

  • The Office of Performance Improvement provides service, leadership, resource, and support to the district's schools, administrators, teachers, staff and parents to build their capacity to achieve the mission, vision and goals. We continue the legacy of academic excellence through curriculum that provides a unique and personalized learning experience for each and every child. Coupled with our highly-trained, well-supported teachers, and aligned, meaningful assessments, a Cherry Creek student is prepared for college or career upon graduation.

    We serve our schools and community by assisting in the implementation of strong academic programming such as AVID. We serve our staff through professional learning opportunities that improve knowledge and skills. We engage in partnerships with our parents and community through advisory groups such as the District PASS.

    Performance Improvement builds community trust through accountability for student performance and a commitment to providing each and every student with the opportunity to learn and engage in a rigorous course of study. Our accountability for student learning is based upon a model of continuous improvement that is grounded in data, guided by research-driven improvement strategies, and monitored through benchmarks and milestones that provide key information about our progress toward all students graduating, prepared for college and career. We work closely with our District Accountability Committee to engage parents and community in our progress toward meeting district goals.

    PILT Commitments


    Our Commitments



    Our commitments provide clarity on how we will serve and support our District and its schools in order to improve the learning of every student.These commitments guide our collective and individual work and define how each person on our team will contribute to improvement. Each member of Performance Improvement leadership made a pledge to honor these commitments to achieve our goals of College and Career Preparation and Success and Inclusive Excellence. Our commitments clearly outline the "what." The "how" is determined by departments and schools adhering to our values of autonomy, innovation and creativity.

    • Educators will work in collaborative teams rather than working in isolation.
    • Collaborative teams implement a guaranteed and viable curriculum.
    • Collaborative teams monitor student learning through an ongoing assessment process that includes frequent, team-developed common formative assessments.
    • Educators use the results of common assessments to:
      • Improve individual practice;
      • Build the team's capacity to achieve its goals; and
      • Intervene and enrich on behalf of students.
    • The District provides a systematic process for intervention and extension.
    • Apply our equity lens to all that we do.

    The Performance Improvement Leadership Team

    • Dr. Jennifer Perry, Deputy Superintendent
    • Dr. Dominique Jones, Executive Director, Curriculum & Instruction
    • Norm Alerta, Director, Assessment & Performance Analytics
    • Darla Quintana-Thompson, Director, Professional Learning
    • Dr. Ashley Gehrke, Director, Career & Innovation
    • Dr. Paul Cribari, Assistant Director, Curriculum & Instruction


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Last Modified on March 12, 2024