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    The Cherry Creek School District believes that EVERY student can learn mathematics to the highest levels for college and career readiness. We believe high-quality math instruction includes students engaging deeply with the Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMP) in order to demonstrate flexible thinking, communicating and problem-solving in math.  We believe it is imperative that our teachers are consistently implementing instruction that emphasizes the eight Effective Math Teaching Practices as outlined by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics to ensure deep conceptual understanding and equitable access for all students.  

    Three students working on a project

    “Practices that support access and equity require comprehensive understanding. These practices include, but are not limited to, holding high expectations, ensuring access to high-quality mathematics curriculum and instruction, allowing adequate time for students to learn, placing appropriate emphasis on differentiated processes that broaden students’ productive engagement with mathematics and making strategic use of human and material resources. When access and equity have been successfully addressed, student outcomes—including achievement on a range of mathematics assessments, disposition toward mathematics and persistence in the mathematics pipeline—transcend, and cannot be predicted by, students’ racial, ethnic, linguistic, gender and socioeconomic backgrounds.”

    - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics position statement​

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Last Modified on March 12, 2024