Summer School Online Options for Summer 2020


    Online Registration Information Available for Grade Replacement/Credit Retrieval and Credit/Acceleration


    OPTION ONE: Grade Replacement/Credit Retrieval

    Students who earned a D or an F in a class are eligible to take a Summer School course that is equivalent to the course in which they received a D or an F. The grade they receive in Summer School will replace their initial grade, regardless of whether the Summer School grade is higher or lower. The grade earned initially by the student will be reflected on their transcript but will not be calculated into their GPA.
    Students may take a Summer School class to retrieve .50 of a credit, provided that they receive a Summer School grade that is higher than an F.   

    • - Session Dates: June 8, 2020​ - June 26, 2020
    • - Online 8:00 am - 12:00 PM 


    OPTION TWO: Original Credit/Acceleration through Cherry Creek Elevation

    Students wanting to take a course for original credit or acceleration, are eligible for summer options through Cherry Creek Elevation.  The grade earned will be reflected on their transcript and will be calculated into their GPA. Students are eligible to earn a total of .5 of a credit in each session of original credit summer school through Cherry Creek Elevation. Students who need credit retrieval for a .25 credit or NCAA approved courses are also eligible to enroll.

    • Session Dates:
      • Session 1- May 26 through June 12
      • Session 2- June 15- July 2
    • Registration Link:
    • Registration Deadline: 
      • Session 1- May 18
      • Session 2 - June 8

    Registration Process

      • Student/Parent will check PowerSchool historical grades and speak with the school counselor to verify which class(es) a student is eligible to register for summer school.
      • You must have your student ID# if you are an in-district student.
      • Follow RevTrak link for registration located in the above description of summer options (Credit Retrieval or Original Credit)
    1. Login or create a new account.
    2. Pick your class/session and move to the registration/payment section. To select sessions, continue shopping at the end of the 1st registration process.
    3. All 2020 Summer School Policies are listed and required for​ parents/students to check for acknowledgment and understanding.
    4. Payment must be made for registration to be complete. Payment can be ​ made by credit or debit card.


         Please note: Class size is limited and registration is based on a first-come, first-serve basis.
         Students will be registered for a class only when full payment has been received, no exceptions.

      • Cost per session for in-district 9th-grade students who received an F - $125.00 (Credit retrieval - current 9th grade only)
      • Cost per session for in-district 9th-grade students who received a D - $250.00
      • Cost per session for in-district 10th through 12th-grade students - $250.00
      • Cost per session for out-of-district students - $375.00

    Cancellations and Refund Policy

      • Tuition pays for the cost of the Summer School instructors, staff and maintenance. Once a session begins, no refunds will be issued.
      • Credit card refunds will be credited back to the card on file.
      • In the event a class must be canceled because of low enrollment, a full refund will be issued.
      • To withdraw a student, it is required that you email a written request 
    1. For Credit Retrieval Courses: Written request is required prior to the start of each class Session to  A $75.00 cancellation fee will be deducted from your refund.
    2. For Original Credit Courses: Written request is required prior to the drop deadline to


    General Summer School Information and Policies

        Credit Retrieval Summer School Attendance Policy

    • There are no excused absences in Summer School. Students must be logged into the online learning/zoom session no later than 10 minutes after the session has begun. Students arriving ten minutes late will be assessed an absence. Students are required to attend class from 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 
    • Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each online session.
    • There are no excused tardies in Summer School. – Three tardies equal one-day absence.
    • If a student accrues more than two absences, he/she will be withdrawn from Summer School and will not receive a refund for any monies paid nor will he/she be granted course credit.
    • Summer classes are equivalent to semester classes compressed into 60 hours.

    Summer School Course Selection

    All students must check their powerschool historical grades to see which class(es) they need to take in summer school. If you are unsure of the appropriate class(es) to take or have additional questions, please see your counselor for additional advisement. One semester of credit and a semester grade (or quarter credit and grade for original credit courses) will be recorded on the student's transcript. This grade becomes part of the student's grade point average (GPA), which determines class ranking in the Cherry Creek School District.

    Student Expectations

    • Summer School students are expected to adhere to engagement and attendance policies. 
    • Cherry Creek School District Policies and Procedures will be in effect during Summer School. Any violation will result in immediate dismissal from Summer School.  No class credit or refunds will be given.
    • Classroom disruptions of any kind will not be tolerated. Any student violating this policy will be removed from Summer School and may be subject to Summer School attendance policies and district expulsion procedures.


    • Final grades will not be mailed to the student's home address.
    • Final grades will be sent to the student's Cherry Creek home school listed on the registration form after the completion of summer session(s).
    • Out-of-district students must take their final grade report to their school administrator or counselor. CCSD High School Summer School will NOT mail to schools that are not within the Cherry Creek School District.
    • Parents are encouraged to contact Summer School teachers to discuss their student's progress.
    • Contact information will be sent home on the first day of class.



Grade Replacement/Credit Retrieval Online Session


    • Monday, June 8th – Friday, June 26th   
    • 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
  • Algebra I

    The study of algebraic symbolism, systems of equations, graphing, problem solving, probability and statistics. The students will build upon their previous knowledge to further understand the characteristics and representations of various functions and relations, including first-degree equations and inequalities, polynomials, exponential and radical expressions, and quadratic equations.

    3SSALG1S1 – Semester 1 - Equations and Inequalities, Numeric Expressions, Algebraic Expressions, Exploring Quadratic Functions in Context

    3SSALG1S2 – Semester 2 - Structure of Quadratic Functions, Modeling with Quadratic Functions, Linear and Exponential Functions, Statistics

  • Algebra II

    Study real and complex numbers, as well as relations, functions and their operations. Students will work with linear, quadratic, and higher-order polynomial, radical, rational, absolute value, exponential/ logarithmic functions, including graphing and transformations of graphs. The counting principle, probability, and statistics are also covered.

    3SSALG2S1 – Semester 1 - Functions with unrestricted domains: polynomial functions – key features of graphs (end behavior, relative min/max, intervals where increasing/decreasing, etc.); zeros/factors relationship (including Remainder Theorem and synthetic division of polynomials); geometric series; function operations (including composition of functions); transformations on functions; inverse functions; complex numbers

    3SSALG2S2 – Semester 2 - Functions with restricted domains: rational functions, radical functions, exponential functions and logarithms, trigonometry, statistics

  • Geometry

    A thorough study of ideas and logical reasoning through the use of the axiomatic system. The course will include the topics of plane, solid, and coordinate geometry. Concepts studied will include lines, planes, angles, triangles, circles, polygons, area, surface area, volume, perimeter, and right triangle trigonometry. The maintenance of algebraic skills will be emphasized.

    3SSGEOMS1 – Semester 1 - Structure of Geometry, constructions, triangle congruence proofs (CCSD Unit 1, Unit 2, sections 1-2)

    3SSGEOMS2 – Semester 2 - Similarity, right triangle trigonometry, circles, polygons (CCSD Unit 2, sections 3-4, Unit 3, Unit 4)

  • English

    A course for students who would like to achieve in areas of reading, writing, and oral communication skills. Instruction includes: grammar, semantics, paragraph, and essay construction. Outside reading and writing assignments required.

    1SSENG09S – (completed 9)

    1SSENG10S – (completed 10)

    1SSENG11S – (completed 11)

  • Creative Writing

    In this class, students will study, write, and revise poems, short stories, non-fiction narratives, and/or short plays in a workshop situation. Weekly writing assignments and journals emphasize the skills applicable to writing creatively in various genres.

    1SSCREWRS – satisfies 1 sem. of any English required or elective credit.

  • American Government

    This course is designed to introduce students to Constitutional principles of the United States. Students will examine current U.S. policies, citizens' rights, and the means to participate within a democratic form of government. This course will also address state standards in Government and Civics.


  • U.S. History

    A survey of events from the Reconstruction to Industrialization – Semester 1; Industrialization to Contemporary America – Semester 2

    2SSUSHSTS1 – Semester 1

    2SSUSHSTS2 - Semester 2

  • World Geography

    In this standards-based geography course, students will investigate issues such as population, conflict, interdependence, and the environment throughout regions of the world. Higher level thinking skills will be emphasized, as well as reading, writing, and research skills.


  • Biology

    Biochemistry, Cells and Genetics: This class will review process skills such as research skills, data collection and analysis and lab write-up skills as they relate to biology. Students will also learn about characteristics of life, complex carbon compounds, cell structure and function, DNA, genetics and biotechnology applications.

    4SSBIO1 – Biochemistry, Cells, Genetics

    Ecology and Evolution: This class will review process skills such as research skills, data collection and analysis and lab write-up skills as they relate to biology. Students will also learn about populations, biodiversity, ecology and ecosystems, the theory of evolution and taxonomy.

    4SSBIO2 – Ecology and Evolution

  • Physical Science

    Chemistry and the Nature of Matter: This class will review process skills such as graphing, metrics and conversions, density, and lab write-up skills. Students will also learn about the periodic table, phases of matter, pH, atomic theory, chemical reactions, naming compounds and balancing equations. Introduction to nuclear chemistry is also covered. Connections to Earth Science topics (Earth's surface, atmosphere, water, etc.) will be made where relevant.

    4SSPHYSS1 – Chemistry and the Nature of Matter

    Motion and Energy: Students will review process skills such as graphing, metrics and conversions, density, and lab write-up skills. Newton's laws, motion, simple machines, and energy (light, sound and heat) are also covered. Connections to Earth Science topics (astronomy, plate tectonics, oceans, etc.) will be made where relevant.

    4SSPHYSS2 – Motion and Energy

  • CP World History

    CP World History-This course surveys world history from the emergence of civilization to the present day. Students will study political, social, economic and cultural forces in both Western and non-Western civilizations and must complete both Sessions.

    2SSCPWRH1 - Semester 1 (offered Session I only)

    2SSCPWRH2 - Semester 2 (offered Session II only)

Original Credit/Acceleration through Cherry Creek Elevation

Original Credit Course Options
  • Cherry Creek Elevation Course Options

    English 9

    English 10

    English 11

    English 12

    Creative Writing

    Earth and Physical Science






    US History

    American Government


    Personal Fitness I

    Personal Fitness II

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