Safety and Security

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    We follow a Comprehensive Safe Schools Plan that addresses the physical safety/security and the psychological safety of students.

    The Cherry Creek School District Safety & Security Team is comprised of feeder-based Security Coordinators, Dispatch Operations, and Security Specialists assigned to middle school and high school locations. The District Security Team supports the five core values of growth mindset, equity, whole wellbeing, engagement, and relationships in support of our mission.

    We work collaboratively with district leaders, school administrators, teachers, support staff, students, parents and our public safety partners to address current safety and security concerns, identify best practices, and evolve and strengthen school safety and security efforts throughout all CCSD schools and facilities.


    • Oversight of district security resources and capabilities
    • Foster confidence and empower students, staff and parents
    • Create the safest possible educational environment

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Standard Response Protocol (SRP)

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    The Standard Response Protocol or SRP for short, is the backbone of our school-based emergency responses. The five actions are what we do within each school to address incidents of all natures and scales. The SRP gives students, staff, parents, security personnel and public safety partners common operating language and procedures for how we respond to and communicate about school-based emergency incidents.

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    CCSD participates in the Safe2Tell Colorado confidential reporting program. This state-run reporting program allows anyone with concerns about the safety of schools or individuals to share their concerns anonymously with school administrators, law enforcement, and the District Security personnel 24-hours a day.  

    To report a safety concern or to learn more about Safe2Tell Colorado, please visit their website at

Last Modified on December 1, 2022