Aspiring Educator Pathway

  • Developing World-Class Teachers for Impactful Learning and Personalized Student Success

    Aspiring Educator logoThe ongoing success of any school district and the future of education relies on high-quality, highly-skilled teachers who have the resources and support necessary to thrive as professional educators and meet the needs of students today and in the future. The Aspiring Educator Pathway, developed by the Cherry Creek School District, is leading the way in teacher satisfaction and retention by reimagining the teaching learning environment and elevating the teaching profession. This new, innovative model will benefit students through collaborative teaching and more personalized classroom instruction to ensure student success and a more positive school environment.

    Building on the current Future Educator Pathway, the Aspiring Educator Pathway will adopt a model similar to a medical residency program which will provide a personalized pathway for future teachers to learn the profession and gain hands-on classroom experience while receiving support from excellent teachers. Through this education, CCSD teachers will become licensed by the State of Colorado and ensure they are supported during their early professional development. This program aims to proactively address common challenges facing teachers today, such as student debt and burn out, and better support teachers at all stages of their career.

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    Top Five Benefits of Aspiring Educator Pathway

    Dedication to Teacher and Student Success

    Cherry Creek Schools is known for keeping teachers happy and committed, thanks to our outstanding teaching environment and a culture that values new ideas, ongoing learning, and respect for educators. Happy teachers means happy students. This innovative model puts student success first through teamwork and personalized learning to meet students’ needs and ensure everyone can find their Pathway of Purpose.

    Revolutionize Teacher Training

    Our cutting-edge teaching model is inspired by how doctors learn through hands-on experience in their medical residency. This approach combines deep understanding with real classroom practice. The Aspiring Educator Pathway transforms the way teachers are trained, combining college coursework and classroom experience. We focus on providing real-world experiences early and often, ensuring newer teachers benefit from a dynamic and comprehensive learning journey within a collaborative environment.

    Innovative Teachers, Innovative Schools

    This model fosters a culture of learning and growth, setting the standard for educational excellence and innovation in every school and classroom. Our Aspiring Educators help lead the way in developing teaching methods and boosting student achievement, actively shaping the future of education. Empowered by mentorship and a dedication to continuous learning, teachers are able to continue to sharpen their teaching skills, grow their leadership potential, and help lead the changing world of education.

    Strong Educational Partnerships

    This approach depends on strong, collaborative partnerships with various local and national colleges and universities. These partnerships offer a wealth of resources and support to enhance the path of an Aspiring Educator to a Teacher Mentor.

    Creating a Lasting Impact

    This program aims to proactively address common challenges facing teachers today, such as student debt or burn out, to ensure they are supported during their early professional development and into their teaching career to ensure high-quality teachers stay in the profession. By teaching and retaining our own high-quality teachers, we are able to influence future generations and bring about real change, one student and one classroom at a time. 


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    Elevating the teaching profession. Transforming the classroom learning experience.

    These are the paradigm shifts that make the Aspiring Educator Pathway stand out as a transformational, groundbreaking teacher development model:

  • From Single Classroom Teacher to Collaborative Team of Teachers
  • From Aspiring Teacher to Teacher Mentor
  • From Project-based Learning to Purpose-driven Learning
  • From One Linear Program to Multiple Entry Points
  • From Centralized Expertise to Distributed Expertise
  • From Training to Professional Learning Cycles
  • FEP - Apprentice - Resident - Probationary Teacher - Mentor