AVID Students

  • AVID students are students in the academic middle who have not previously succeeded in a rigorous college preparatory path but are capable of doing so. AVID program participants must choose to participate and demonstrate this choice by completing an application and interview process. If selected, AVID students enroll in rigorous academic classes and in the AVID elective class, where they receive academic support. 

    AVID Criteria

    Candidates for AVID are identified according to general criteria as follows:

    • Ability- students possessing a high academic potential to succeed in college preparatory courses (GPA range approximately 2.5-3.5) students are individually assessed and accepted by their application and and interview by school AVID coordinator.
    • Desire and Determination-desire to attend college, good attendance record and willingness to undertake rigorous academic preparation for college enrollment.


    Benefits of being an AVID Student

    • Over 90% of CCSD AVID students are accepted to a 4 year college/university.
    • AVID graduates complete college at a higher rate than non- AVID students (see national data)
    • Students learn rigorous academic skills and strategies to support successful achievement throughout their high school career and beyond.
    • Students receive extensive information regarding the college and financial aid application processes.
    • Students experience a variety of college and career field trip tours and engage routinely in opportunities for discussion with career professionals in deciding upon career and college planning paths.
Last Modified on August 18, 2020