• Work-based Learning

    The Cherry Creek School District Work-based Learning program is designed to connect students with career pathways of interest by partnering with businesses in the community. Through these experiences, students will have the opportunity to explore career pathways and develop career readiness skills. The program offers two (2) ways to experience real-world, hands-on learning in each CTE Pathway including internships and apprenticeships:

  • Internship Program:

    The Internship program allows students to gain real-life work experiences in a career field that they would like to pursue after graduation.

    Experience includes: 

    • Work-based experience learning program
    • 100 hours (average 6 hours per week in 18 weeks, 10 hours per week in summer)
    • Non-paid professional environment

    Internship Requirements:

    • 3.2 or higher GPA
    • Recommendations
    • Interview attendance
    • Own transportation
    • Senior Interview


    • Completed Career Exploration course
    • Recommendations
    • Interview attendance
    • Own transportation

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    Apprenticeship Program: 

    Through CareerWise Colorado, students earn a wage while receiving hands-on work experience where they can apply their high school classroom learning each week. The apprenticeship lasts three years to ensure that students have the experience to either enter the workforce upon completion or the perspective as to how and why higher education can help them achieve their career goals. Eligibility depends on student's maturity, reliability, commitment and graduation status. Modern youth apprenticeships are offered in the following career pathways: advanced manufacturing, information technology, financial services, business operations, and healthcare. Additional opportunities will become available based on student interest.

    Apprenticeship Requirements:

    • Sophomore or Junior
    • Ability to balance school and apprenticeship

    Getting Started:

    Students apply with the hiring companies in the spring semester for positions that begin the summer before their junior year. It's a competitive hiring process, just like any other professional position. Businesses select the apprentices that are the best fit for their organizations and open positions; there are no forced placements. Once hired, apprentices spend part of their week at school and part of the week learning on the job.

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    Careerwise Apprenticeship Video

    Future Educator Apprenticeship Program: 

    The Future Educator Pathway is a CTE Pathway that includes innovation, dual enrollment course work, and culminates in an established apprenticeship within CCSD. As an apprentice, students earn valuable experience and work hours in the Education pathway, working as a paraprofessional in a K-8 placement within Cherry Creek School District. Students can earn college credits, wages, paraprofessional certification, classroom hours and access to a professional network. Courses are available to all students, not just those interested in an Apprenticeship. University of Colorado Denver classes will require additional fees depending on number of credits taken per semester.

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Last Modified on January 6, 2021