Student Dell Startup Guide

    1. Please plug in the power cord for the computer which is located on the left hand side of the device
      image showing power supply port on laptop

    2. To turn on the Device, the power button is located on the right hand side of the device.
      image showing power button on laptop

    3. Open the lid

    4. Once the device is powered up you will see a screen similar to the one below
      laptop start up screen

    5. Hit the Enter button on the Keyboard and now you will see the screen below
      start up screen options

    6. Please select the Wifi “Internet” icon

    7. It will open and look similar to the screen below. This allows you to connect to your wireless network
      wifi options menu

    8. Please select your wifi at your location
      select wifi location

    9. Enter in the password to connect to your wifi and hit next
      wifi password field

    10. If you have the option please select “Connect Automatically”, this will prevent you from having to connect to your wifi every time the machine reboots.
      connect automatically wifi option checbox

    11. Once you are connected to your Wifi, we are now ready to sign into the device

    12. Please enter in your current AD username and password that you use at school and hit enter (or the arrow to the right of password). Below is an example.
      • Please use your full email address for your login an example is:
        ccsd username password

    13. When you successfully enter in your information you will see the Welcome screen as it tries to sign in.
      welcome screen

    14. Once signed in you see your desktop, next step would be to login to Google Chrome
      student desktop

    15. Please launch Google Chrome from desktop

    16. Please select the Sign in to Chrome Icon
      google chrome

    17. When you click on the icon the menu below will appear, please select Sign in to Chrome
      sign in to google chrome menu

    18. The Sign in to Chrome page will appear, the Student will need to enter in their Full Email Address and then select “Next”
      enter email to sign in to chrome

    19. The password screen will appear and the Student will need to enter in their password and select “Next”
      student password field

    20. The student will see the message below, please select Link Data
      link data options dialog

    21. The final screen the student will see is that their account is now Synced
      account synced confirmation dialog

    Now we are ready to start learning!

    Please remember when users are done working for the day please have the student sign out of the device, close the lid and ensure it is powered on. This ensures that the device says up to date.

    Troubleshooting tip

    • If you are having issues connecting to wifi, look to see if wifi has been turned off
      wifi indicator

    • If it has then on the keyboard select the blue “Fn” key and the “Home” key located in the numbers row. This will turn wifi back on.
      how to turn wifi back on

    Getting Help

    If you need assistance, please send an email to

Password Help

Getting Help

  • Technical assistance is available for your device between 8am and 4pm, M-F, please complete our Student Device Support form.

    If you need assistance with assignments or digitial learning in general, please contact your teacher directly.

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Last Modified on November 11, 2020